Asking Questions-A Life Strategy


As children we are filled with curiosity and ask lots of questions. It’s how we learn!

Then we begin school and throughout those years, questions are often not encouraged and many times discouraged. We lose the skill that we naturally had for asking questions. As a result, we may also stop learning. As I’ve spoken with people about the idea of asking questions these are some of the comments I’ve heard.

“I don’t ask questions, I don’t want to be intrusive.” – It’s not polite, if she wants me to know something, she’ll tell me.” –  There are many variations of this theme, the general message is the same.

Our failure to ask questions keeps us on the same path, in the same story we have created. That is what happens when we don’t ask question. We create a story or live in our assumptions about whatever the situation is that is going on.

If we imagine our ability to ask questions as a field, we would see that field as barren, or perhaps just having a few weeds growing in it. We want to cultivate this field with the curiosity that will make it come alive!

Begin today becoming more curious about anything that is said. Ask a question to get more information or clarify what the other person has said. Refrain from giving advice or solutions even if a person has asked for advice. Instead ask questions, get more information and deliver the advice sparingly. Notice what happens.

“The person who asks the questions, controls the conversation.”