Strengthen Goals – Include a Theme for 2008

January 3, 2008

Here we are, totally involved in 2008. The partying is over, and we’ve recovered.

Goals are set, resolutions are made, should be a great year!

But wait, it’s been said that most New Year’s resolutions end up fizzling out by the end of February. We have good intentions when we’re creating our plans for the New Year, and often are very ambitious about what we’d like to accomplish. It can be disappointing when we don’t see the demonstration of what we want and can tap into the fear of inadequacy or the fear of rejection.

For a number of years I’ve been adding one more idea to the mix when creating my plan for manifesting my goals and dreams and asking my coaching clients to do the same.

It’s simple, easy, and powerful and it’s not too late to include it.

Begin my thinking about a Theme for 2008. Goals are about actions, timelines, and specific accomplishments. Your theme is about being.

Your theme could actually be just one word such as “Patience”. Or perhaps two words like “Take Action”. Or three words, “Accomplishment with Balance”. Your theme reminds you of who you’d like to be, beginning now!

When you are clear on your theme for the year, deciding on goals becomes much easier and creates more potential for success. Plus your theme gives you direction for every area of your life, business, personal, family etc. You may have heard the phrase, wherever I go there I am.

Today decide on your theme, get some support from your coach or someone who cares about your success, and write me a note to let me know how you’re life is moving forward in 2008!


4 Responses to “Strengthen Goals – Include a Theme for 2008”

  1. Michael Benidt Says:
    January 5th, 2008

    Thanks for making me think about this challenge, Judy. One of the blog postings that most affected me last year was Seth Godin’s Thanksgiving blog post –

    It’s worth clicking on the link above and reading his whole post, but he wrote to his blog readers about someone who suggested he turn his blog into a money making machine with paid ads or a sponsor. His reply:
    “Not only can’t I imagine charging for my blog, I’m practically in debt to the people who read it. Every time you read something I write here, you’re giving me a gift… attention. … It’s getting more precious all the time, you have more choices every day, and it’s harder and harder to find the time. I know. I’m grateful. I’m doing my best to make your attention worth it.”

    He went on to thank his blog readers. So, for me, my theme will be “thanks.” I’ll do my best to make sure of my gratitude to our audiences our blog readers and our customers.

    Thanks for reminding me to have the best New Year’s Resolution of all – a Theme for 2008.


  2. Judy Says:
    January 6th, 2008

    I see your theme as wonderful, empowering and potentially life changing! When we decide who we will show up as in the world, our actions become purposeful. I love your theme!


  3. Sheryl Kay Says:
    January 7th, 2008

    What a great idea, Judy. Thanks for reminding us of the bigger picture. A theme is so much more all-encompassing than a goal.

    I’m reminded of a bit in the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War” where the character talks about a Zen master’s story of the boy who got a horse as a gift. The people all said, “how wonderful for the boy to get a horse!!” and the master said, “maybe, maybe not.” So then the boy fell off the horse and broke his leg, and the people all said, “how terrible for the boy to break his leg!” and the master said, “maybe, maybe not.” Then a war started, and because the boy had a broken leg, he couldn’t fight and the people said “how fortunate the boy can’t go to war”… of course the point is, short term accomplishments (perhaps even the fulfillment of goals) can prove to be positive or negative. As transitory events in life, we don’t know what the ultimate outcome of things will be. But a theme–well that’s more of a state of mind.

    For me, when reality seems to be disappointing, I find reminding myself to love and appreciate what I have (rather than focusing on what I don’t), serves to put things in perspective. So-“love and appreciation” are my themes. At least for this year! As for next year…maybe, maybe not (but I think probably so).

  4. Judy Says:
    January 8th, 2008

    Thanks so much for sharing the story from the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War”. A great reminder that things are not always as they seem, yet WHO we are is timeless. I appreciate you Sheryl.


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