Jane Stanfield – Volunteer Vacation Speaker

January 16, 2008

Have you been feeling bored or lacking clarity about what to do next with the rest of your life?

Ever considered finding a sense of fulfillment by spending a year giving to others?

That’s exactly what happened in Jane Stanfield’s life.

In 2006, after working in various positions for 20 years, Jane decided to follow her passion for travel and giving back by taking a volunteer vacation.

She spent a year traveling the world doing volunteer service working anywhere from 2-6 weeks in each location. She was involved in 12 different projects that ranged from teaching English in the Cook Islands, rehabilitating 7 species of wildlife to taking care of orphans in Romania and Peru.

Jane has experienced many benefits as a result of her decision, including greater clarity about what and how she wants to spend the rest of her life.

Today Jane does presentations and writes about her volunteer vacation experience and inspires others to choose this option for themselves as a way of finding more fulfillment, purpose and direction.

Jane says, “It’s easy, it’s fun and it makes a difference.”

Is there a volunteer vacation in your life?

To find out about her upcoming presentations, classes, newsletter and soon to be published book, you can contact Jane at wiladyjanes@gmail.com.

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