Does Fear Get You When Your Life Gets Derailed?

January 25, 2008

There you are, moving along fabulously with your life and your projects … and bam! Something happens that takes you completely off track! A perfect opportunity to get triggered by every kind of fear one can imagine. No matter what it feels like, frustration, aggravation, anger over the circumstances, the bottom line is, this situation stirs up fear of rejection and fear of inadequacy.

Thoughts like, “How will I get that project done on schedule now that this has happened? What will they think of me if I’m late?” And so on.

It was the first week of the January, right after I celebrated the start a great new year, when my life got derailed.

As I came into my office I could smell it, my computer was hot. After some checking and finding the side of the computer case hot, it became clear that the power supply was going out. Gateway no longer provides a power supply for this 5-year-old computer.

The vision I’d had for the past several years was about to become reality. A new iMac with a 20-inch monitor setting on my desk. A wonderful end result to look forward to and a lot of work to get to that point.

Where do you start when what there is to do is, set up the computer, learn about Leopard the new Mac operating system, and move all the data from a PC, an older iMac and a laptop?

At the beginning!

This past 2-1/2 weeks have been an incredible time of challenge and exhilaration.

You may remember the post on creating a theme for the New Year and using that as a way to set your goals. My theme for 2008 is ‘Take care of the Important, Not the urgent’. That theme served me well through this process.

I’ll tell you more about the breakthroughs I experienced during this process, this is the first part of a series.

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