Does Fear Get You When Your Life Gets Derailed? – Part 2

January 28, 2008

I promised you more about my breakthroughs in my new computer journey.

# 1 Question, do you want to handle the situation that is challenging you or do you want to delegate it to someone else?

I chose to complete all the steps in my new computer setup. Not everyone has that same desire. In talking with a friend of mine, he said that doing something like this would drive him nuts. He would choose to hire it done.

My greatest pleasure is in learning and creating breakthroughs.

When you have a challenge I recommend you think about how you can learn and grow in the greatest way. And growing does not come about by staying comfortable. It requires getting uncomfortable, getting out of your comfort zone.

There were many times I was very uncomfortable in this process. Sometimes I just did not know what to do next. I made some mistakes because I didn’t know what to do.

#2 Question, who do you call on for help and support and whose advice do you use?

I talked with a number of people during the process. And with each piece of advice I was given I checked in with myself to feel how that information resonated with me.

At this point in your challenge you may really get hit with fear of rejection or fear of inadequacy. If what you’ve just heard from your guru doesn’t resonate with you, you could feel the fear big time.

Now is the time to know the real truth! You are not inadequate of rejectable. The key word here is fear of . . .

This is your opportunity for a breakthrough. It’s only fear and it’s no big deal.

More in this series to follow.

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