Does Fear Get You When Your Life Gets Derailed? – Part 3

February 5, 2008

The challenge is completed! All the information from 3 other computers has been integrated into the new iMac. Wow, how cool is that. And everything is working great!

Did you ever notice when a challenge is complete there can be a question floating around your mind? Like “now what was the big deal about that?” It feels different when we’re done with the process than when we’re experiencing it. You might remember the phrase “And it came to pass.” Not, “it came to stay“.

A few more learnings, really just reminders from this experience.

1. No challenge ever comes to stay. It will always end and usually feel much easier to think about when it’s complete. The fear has gone away.

2. You’ll most likely have more confidence when it’s complete. You’ve likely had at least one breakthrough if not more. No more fear of inadequacy.

3. You’re now better equipped to handle other challenges that will certainly come along in your life, it happens to everybody as long as we are human. Remember the phrase, “whereever I go, there I am“.

4. Most likely you’ll have an opportunity to support someone else with a challenge that person is having in their life. Share your wisdom. And remember to use your wisdom the next time another challenge wants to get you derailed. Often we forget what we’ve learned. It’s easy.

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