Have Thy Tools Ready – God Will Find Thee Work – 1st in a Series

April 24, 2008

What if I hadn’t?

Several days ago a coaching client wrote me sharing news of her father’s stroke. This was a devastating experience for her; she and her Dad have a wonderful close relationship.

As soon as I received her email, I picked up the phone to call her. I was soon able to direct her to this website / blog to read the article I had written about Joe and his stroke experience.

Today on her coaching call prep form she mentioned that one of her two best moments this past week was my emailing and calling her after getting the news about her father.

What if I hadn’t written that article about Joe and his stroke? It was written as a result of a prompting. I was inspired to do it.

What if I hadn’t called her? Or emailed her? For me there was no decision to be made about taking this action. It is just what I do, it comes out of my prompting, my inspiration.

I see our promptings and inspiration to take action as some of the tools we have.

And often times we forget we have tools.

Or we don’t use them because something holds us back, likely fear.

What is it you are not doing that you’ve felt inspired to do? Would taking that action help you in moving forward? Would it help you get more customers or clients or put more money in your pocket? Or affect another’s life in a big way?

Today listen for your promptings, for what you are inspired to do. Refuse to let any kind of fear of inadequacy or fear of rejection stop you or take you off your path. And then follow your inspiration.

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