Hartman Value Profile – Living in a Doing Culture

May 8, 2008

Most everyone enjoys being productive, checking items off a to-do list, and feeling a sense of accomplishment. At the end of the day when we’re able to see where we’ve made strides forward, most of us feel great! But sometimes we overdo or overpromise.

I’m remembering the example of how valuable water is to our existence. One source says 3 days is the length of time we can go without water. And yet too much water can cause a person to drown.

I liken this water analogy with the culture we live in and it’s emphasis on doing. Too much doing can create a feeling of drowning . . . in stress.

There is not much support in our culture for being, feeling valuable just because you are a human being, rather than a human doing.

As part of the Hartman Value Profile we observe how a person thinks and where he has his attention.

Our research shows that over 95% of us have very little attention on our value, just for being. This can make life really tough. Something as simple as our performance in a particular area not meeting our expectations can cause us to experience huge feelings of fear of inadequacy or fear of rejection. This happens if we don’t realize that no matter what our performance, it doesn’t mean anything about who we are.

When we realize our value because of who we are, all the actions we take can be more purposeful.

It may take a shift in thinking, to ask first – who is it I choose to be? What qualities would I like to demonstrate? Spending some time with this question can make the doing – the actions you take have much more meaning. You might find your self slowing down, having less stress.

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