Day 3 Month of Gratitude

November 3, 2009

Curiosity. Where would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 – 10?                               I’m a 10+.

Curiosity is my pick on the list of gratitudes for Day 3. This trait has been such a benefit to me for my entire life and for which I am so thankful.

My passions are primarily in the areas of health and what makes people tick, so I’m always delving into some new area on either one of these topics unless I’m drawn to another topic. So what’s the benefit of being curious?

# 1 is all that we can learn as a result. If someone is not curious he will many times just accept what is happening at face value. For example, he wants to buy a new camera. Going to the store he finds the one he wants at $199. He buys it and it’s over.

What does the curious person do? She goes back to her office and begins researching. At our fingertips today we can do volumes of research with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. She will likely find that same camera for various prices from $129 to $249. Now this is just my guess, but if you’ve never been curious, give it a try.

Other benefits along the way could be finding another camera that is better quality, has more features or who knows what.

How does one build this curiosity muscle? Just begin to ask yourself,

I wonder if . . .

I wonder if I could find this for less, I wonder if I could do this project,

I wonder if . . .

Or if another person is sharing something with you and there is even a thread of what he is saying that you don’t understand or have questions about, express your curiosity by simply saying, “could you say more about that?”

Curiosity is a fabulous trait to be grateful for and one that you can build and hone, it makes life so much more interesting! Open your world to curiosity.

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