A Gift for Building the Muscle of Curiosity

November 4, 2009

When I was a young girl growing up in Kansas and wanted some information on a particular topic, I had 2 choices.  I could either ask someone for the answer and pray that the information was correct, or find someone with a set of Encyclopedia Britannica, we didn’t have a set. How could one ever feel confidant about information with such limited resources. Today it is very different. We still have those choices and a whole lot more.

Anytime I am wondering about any question at all, from a particular recipe to something legal, and everything in between, I just go to my favorite search engine and ask it the question.  My favorite search engine happens to be Google.

Google is my pick for Day 4 of Gratitude Month. Spend some time with your favorite search engine, maybe an hour or so and satisfy your curiosity thirst.

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