Systems help us move forward more quickly

November 6, 2009

Every morning when we wake up, we begin by doing a number of processes, brushing our teeth, for me putting in my contacts, eating breakfast etc. Those processes are all part of the systems we have for our lives. These actions become so routine we can almost do them in our sleep.

By noticing what systems are already in place we can create new systems for doing anything we want and have those systems support us in accomplishing everything.I’ve got one system I absolutely love. I have a system that allows me to send an unexpected greeting card each and every day. This same system also tells me when someone I care about has a birthday and I never forget to wish the person “Happy Birthday”.

I have the greatest gratitude for this system, if you’d like to know about it or any of my other systems that help my life run smoother, send me an email, I’d love to share more.

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