What Does it Take to Shift

November 8, 2009

Have you heard the phrase, it only takes one pessimist to pull 6 optimists down, and yet it takes 6 optimists to pull one pessimist up?

Negative energy is a powerful force in our world. It is everywhere, and so subtle. I imagine that most of us really don’t even realize how much negativity is affecting us. It like dust, we don’t realize how it is covering the furniture until we don’t look at the furniture for several days. Negativity is like dust on our soul. So what can we do? First, realize it is happening, we are picking up negativity. We must take the time to support ourselves by getting into a positive environment so that we can shift. It is vital for our well being. If you’ve spent any time with the Law of Attraction material, you know that we become what we surround ourselves with and attract more or the same.

I am so grateful for the ability to make the choice of getting myself into an environment that is supportive. This weekend I found so much connection with the Mission Statement of Peak Potentials Training, the Millionaire Mind intensive is one of their programs.

“Our Mission is to educate and inspire people to live in their Higher Self based in Courage, Purpose and Joy.”

If you will put yourself in this environment you will shift. I’ll bet on it!

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