Using Your Library – A Good Habit

November 10, 2009

Have you ever had someone recommend a book and when you heard about it you were very interested in it? You may have written down the title of the book and then forgotten about it, that’s what I did. I used to have that happen often. As a result I missed out on a lot of good ideas. Along the way I chose to develop a new habit.

Whenever someone tells me about a book now, I take steps that I did not used to take. In the Denver Area where I live, we have a marvelous library system. And I love using it. When someone tells me about a book now, I immediately go to my library website and request that book. What a resource we have in our library system. Once I’ve requested the book I can then forget about it.

My library will get the book from whichever branch it is located and bring it to my library just minutes away from my office. I’ll get an email telling me that the book is ready for pickup.

This is a great system for saving time and money. I only buy books now that I am convinced I want in my own personal library.

If there is a title I want and not in our local library system, the library will get it for me from a library in another part of the country. They will find hard to get titles for me.

The library is my own personal research assistant. And it’s all free, what a service to be grateful for.

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