Children Expand Our World

November 11, 2009

It’s so interesting to remember how I thought my life would be when I had adult children. Have you ever thought about that concept? My experience is not at all what I expected. I have 4 children, I guess I really should say I have 4 adults or perhaps 2 adult men and 2 adult women would be even better.

Each one has been instrumental in my growth. And the way I thought it would be, well that was a good thought. And then there are grandchildren. That is different from what I imagined as well.  What’s my biggest lesson. Attachment to anything being a particular way is a sure road to heartache. I now know that any ideas of what these adult relationships might look like is false. I’ve really made every attempt to say it many ways. As parents with adult children, the best action we can take for ourselves is to continue to build our own lives around interests we have and surround ourselves with people who share those interests. Our children may not share our interests.

We are all individuals and as a parent one of the greatest gifts my children have given me – is my own growth. And growth is one of my most precious gratitude items.

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