Judy Sabah, MCC

Questionologist and Business/Personal Resource Coach

Judy Sabah turned an inherent love for people into a dynamic life long career. Coaching since 1994 and earning the Master Certified Coach designation through the International Coach Federation in 1999, Judy dedicates herself to assisting clients in deepening their understanding, knowledge, and acknowledgment of their own intrinsic value.

She is a 1996 graduate of Coach U, where she served as a teleclass leader from 1994 through 1998.

In 1999, Judy’s vision and passion for her clients, led her to achieve foundational and advanced training in the Hartman Value Profile from Harvey Schoof and Wayne Carpenter. Today she is affiliated with Axiogenics, LLC.

Axiogenics, LLC is the world’s leading pioneer in the field of applied neuro-axiology (brain science + value science) and NCRT (Neuro-axiological Cognitive Remodeling Technology).

Throughout her lengthy career as a speaker, author, coach, Judy has displayed her natural competence for leadership. Thirty-five + years of participation in the National Speakers Association has led her to inspire countless individuals to pursue new directions. Her flair for motivating others is noted by her ability to facilitate the organization of educational and support networks for speakers and coaches on a local level.

She is a co-founder and past president, 1993/94, of NSA/Colorado. She is a member of the International Coach Federation and founder of ICF Colorado.

In 1999, Judy was the recipient of the Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership Award, given by the Colorado/Wyoming District 26. The purpose of this award is to honor an individual who has given outstanding service to her Community, State and Industry through Communication and Leadership.

Judy was awarded a Lifetime Membership to the NSA/Colorado Chapter in 2000 for her outstanding service, dedication and support to the organization.

Judy’s home in Denver is her sacred haven, dancing is movement for her soul, and sharing with others through coaching, speaking, and writing, is her passion. Judy’s philosophy for life is simply; In Everything There is A Gift.

Thank you so much Judy.  I can’t tell you how good it was for me to talk with you about this – I’ve been harboring it for so long – I feel relieved and hopeful that I can move through this keeping your words in mind re: my health.  I will look at this form – I’ve been looking at my original materials for this program since you and I hung up – I will continue to think about it and decide what to do and will let you know.
I am so grateful for you.
Thanks so much,
with love, respect, and gratitude ~
I love hearing how you respond to questions and your thinking, and your philosophy.  You have a great presence via the telephone.  I particularly appreciated how you shared that sometimes you forget to apply the wisdom you teach when you are triggered.  And then how you turn that around.  I expect that would resonate with people listening, so they don’t feel alone, inadequate or any of the other judgement frames one puts on themselves.   Just another reinforcement that I am so blessed to have you in my life.
Much love to you….. Ayn
I enjoyed listening to you on the Moxie interview

Thanks for yesterday afternoon/evening. I enjoyed our time and found it very worthwhile. I do plan to spend time with the Profile, studying my feedback and considering how to act upon it. I also have to tell you that I appreciate your very supportive, affirming coaching style. It was nice to work with you.

Thank you from Roger


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