Fire Up Your Life, Create a Habit of Asking Questions!

Have you heard the phrase, “either use it or lose it”? As small children we were all curious and asked questions. It’s the way we learned then and continue learning. As I’ve interviewed people for my book, The Questions You’re Not Asking, Are Costing You Money, Relationships and Maybe Even Your Life, I’ve heard lots of examples.

Some people’s questioning muscle was put in a cast and has atrophied over the years. They lost their childlike wonder and curiosity and make decisions based on assumptions or what someone else tells them to do. It’s likely their ability to risk asking questions was squelched by the environment in which they grew up.

Another group may ask some questions. We might refer to these questions as those that feel safe to ask. On a scale of one – ten, 1 being not asking any questions, 10 being really going for the gold in each situation, we might see these individuals as being at a 5. They might ask lots of information type questions and stay away from questions that feel too risky.

Others never allowed this curiosity to be dampened. Their determination to explore, understand every situation and not stop until they get to the truth, has given them a life of clarity and adventure. They live in a Culture of Curiosity. It’s never to late to being building or strengthening your questioning muscle.

Book this presentation for your group, learn the steps for a more invigorating life through asking questions.

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” ― Voltaire

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